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Say What you Need to Say

11 Nov

November 11th has taken on new level of importance for me, being the time of year when I last saw my Dad and spoke to him in person. I came home on a surprise trip to celebrate his 53 birthday. That means this November he would have turned 54.

As the significant dates in the timeline since his passing come along, I continue to explore the spiritual lessons present in this loss. One of these lessons relates to the harmony of our spirit, and its connection to the wellness of our body. They work in synergy. The level of peace within us, and our relationships, can be seen as an aspect of our spiritual well being.

Thanks to books such as The Secret, and writers/speakers such as Louise Hay and Wayne Dyer, we have begun to understand how our thoughts and emotions can manifest into physical attributes or conversely, shortcomings. For heart health it’s therefore important not only to evaluate our nutritional and physical efforts, but also our thoughts, attitudes and perceptions.


The last time I saw my Dad, I had a strange desire to speak to him about subjects we’d never spoken about before. We went for a trail ride in the afternoon before I was leaving, and spoke with a level of honesty and candidness we rarely shared in our relationship. Either my Dad picked up on this, or he too was tapping into the energy of the moment and spoke about life almost as if he knew it was indeed his last chance. It was a very beautiful memory.


In realizing now how deeply valuable those last (in-person) words were, I have come to realize how important it is to share what’s in our hearts, to ask questions we hope to find answer’s to, and to not put off saying words that we yearn for others to hear.

Knowing that my Dad and I shared the conversations we did that afternoon brings me a great deal of peace today. The lesson I hope to share, as I hope for you to learn it while there are opportunities to practice it, is you never know when a conversation with another might be our last. I ask you to consider this: Is there something you’ve buried, a thought that’s bubbled forth, or a question you’re burning to ask? Would you be okay with never saying it, or is now the time?

I encourage you to bring peace to your spirit by looking at each conversation with your loved one’s as an opportunity to share what’s really in our hearts.

Be real, be genuine, be candid. Be well.


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