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Let’s preserve the pulse of life!
“The Hearty Heart” is intended as a jumping off point for your heart health and overall nutritional education. Blog topics include nourishing food ideas and easy to follow recipes; encouragement in regards to physical activity; and accessible discussion on points of interest to cardiovascular, psychospiritual, and balanced health.


With approximately 3-5 posts a month, you can expect to find:

-A feature food of the month and it’s connection to cardiovascular health

-Several new recipes posted through the month for inspiration on incorporating the food into your meals

-Several featured topics, discussion points, links and/or frequently asked questions (send me yours!)

To stay connected, consider:

-Subscribing to receive new posts delivered right to your inbox! Please see the side bar for more details.

-Bookmarking the site and checking back often

-Setting e-reminders for yourself to pop onto the blog through-out the month


“The Hearty Heart” advocates working with a well rounded team of health care practitioners in achieving and maintaining your well being. Please ensure you keep your doctor and other current health care professionals up to date on any lifestyle changes you are considering.

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