5 Effortless Tips for a Healthy Holidays (and some exciting news!)

10 Dec

Effortless and holiday. I know, this seems like the most convoluted word association I could have made. While your head is swimming with advent calendars, RSVP’s and post office line-ups, it is possible to stay healthy with very little effort. In fact as you’ll soon read, these tips will actually take a load off your already maximized December.

But first…I have some exciting news for The Hearty Heart! The site has now moved to it’s very own home:


This blog is a true source of pride for me, and your encouragement has been a big part of my decision to move the blog to it’s own self hosted .com address, where I have the ability to completely moderate the content, design and continued strong growth of The Hearty Heart. It’s the same health focused content, just in a slightly more simplistic layout as I learn the ropes of blog design.

My one holiday wish would be for all my readers to take but a moment to head over to the new site to replace your Hearty Heart bookmarks, links, and most importantly email subscription! I promise it’s as effortless as the health tips in my latest post. Just look for the“Email Subscription” link on the new site’s sidebar.

If there was a way for me to update your email subscription for you, believe me I would have! I’ll re pay your efforts with even more amazing posts to come…Deal?!

**Please note, from the old site (this one) I will be posting one more reminder to switch over to the new site. If you’ve already made the switch, you can ignore this message when it comes in a few weeks. Thanks again for heading over to the new site to check out the latest: “5 Effortless Tips for a Healthy Holidays”**

Thank-you for continuing to follow along!


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